Welcome to Mumbles Says

Hi, my name is Mumbles McShakey, but you may call me Mumbles.  My blog, by design, will be a series of random thoughts, rantings and general comments on whatever strikes me that particular day.  I will blog sports, health, politics, religion and more.  I am very opinionated (or so I am told), and I am not afraid to express my opinions.

A  little about old Mumbles:  I am now 59 years old, I retired from the US Navy in 1989  and I  retired totally in June 2010.  I have Parkinson’s Disease and Emphysema.  Thus my name, “Mumbles” because my speech problems and “McShakey” because of my tremors.  We will discuss Parkinson’s and Emphysema in detail as this blog goes on.

I welcome open discussion, your comments let me know how I am doing, and what I need to do to improve.  I also welcome suggestions for topics, questions, etc.   I look forward to our interaction, and to writing for you entertainment.

God’s Peace,