Are There Angels Among Us

The simple answer is yes or no, depending upon your religious beliefs.  But there’s a reason they call that the simple answer, it’s too simple, a cop out if you will.

In reality, I believe it is much more complicated than that.  For example, are they all heavenly bodies, or are humans sometimes recruited to do the job?  As mere humans, would we recognize an angel if we saw one?  When someone witnesses a miraculous event, was it angels?

Personally, I believe I have several angels, sent to me by God, that protect me, guide me and take care of me.  My angels are not only visible, they are also people I know.

For example, the number one angel in my life is my wife.  She has a heart of gold, she’s my best friend, she is my number one caregiver, and in spite of my infirmities, my weight gain, my moods, etc., she still loves me.  But she isn’t just an angel to me, she has a wonderful, loving heart, and when she helps others, she does it without even thinking about it, it just comes naturally to her. That’s one of the reasons I love her so much. Thanks sweetheart.

Another angel in my life is a wonderful woman name Carolyn.  Carolyn has an inside tract to God by means of her very special heart.  She works with a program called Stephen Ministry, which is Christian counselling at it’s finest.  If you look up Carolyn in your dictionary, you will read this description:  “a person who will help virtually anyone at anytime, and not look for the person’s motive.”  I don’t know the number of souls she has touched, but I do know that every soul she has touched is all the better for it.

In my life, I have had, and still do have a number of “girlfriends”.  Fortunately, my wife knows about them and knows that my girlfriends are someone I love, but as friends, not as lovers.  One of my girlfriends is a wonderful young lady named Toyia.  She is very happily married and has two wonderful kids.  Her husband is one of my best friends, and I cherish them all as individuals as well as collectively.

Toyia is another one of those rare souls who sees someone in need and goes to help, no reason needed.  We used to work together, but now I only see them at church.  Toyia also gives wonderful hugs to lift my spirits when I am tired and weak.

I don’t know what to say about the fact that they are all women, because I do know some male angels as well.  It’s just that these three women are three of the most wonderful people I have ever met.

So, I encourage you to look around at the people in your life and see which ones may be angels.  When you find them, hang on to them, and never let them get away and you will always be truly blessed.

Mumbles says

God bless