Cat’s in the Cradle

Watch this first, then we’ll talk.  Cat’s in the Cradle.

I was introduced to Harry Chapin’s music 30 some years ago by a former brother-in-law.  Harry was one of America’s great folk singers and storytellers.  Unfortunately, Harry died way to young, he was 38 years old when he was killed in a tragic accident while driving on the Long Island Expressway. If you are interested, there are a number of good articles on the internet.

My introduction to Harry coincided with the release of the song Cat’s in the Cradle.  I enjoyed the song, not realizing I was hearing prophesy.  Actually, I had all but forgotten the song until one night, in a bar, someone played that song on the juke box.  I had only recently been divorced, so it hit too close to home.  Little did I know.

I have two incredible sons, who have given me two wonderful daughters-in-law and four grandsons that bring a smile to my face just thinking of them.

I generally get to see them once or twice a year, and it’s killing me.  Cat’s in the cradle.

My son’s live over 900 some miles away, and before I retired, scheduling vacations so we could see my family, my wife’s mother and then my wife’s son and his family was tough.  Often I would have to skip one of the trips on my wife’s side because I didn’t have enough vacation time to go around.  Cat’s in the cradle.

Now that I am retired, I hope to remedy this whole situation, but I also know that both of my sons are very busy with work.  Cat’s in the cradle.

Also, because of my health, I’m not really allowed to drive, except short distances, because I could fall asleep within seconds.  Cat’s in the cradle.

I’ve mentioned to my kids that I would love to have them come visit us, but their jobs keep them pretty tied down to home.  Again, Cat’s in the cradle.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming anyone, I am just pointing out how life often imitates art.  Do you remember what Harry said just before he sings Cat’s in the cradle in the video I linked to?  After introducing the song, and admitting he stole it from his wife, he starts playing, then pauses and says “and frankly, this song scares me to death”.  Little did Harry know he was going to die so soon and leave his wife to raise their son.

And therein lies the reason for this post, we should all be scared to death of the prophesy of that song.  Not that we are going to die that quickly or that young; though we could.  What I want, if for you to live your life as if you have a terminal disease.  If you have kids, talk  to them often, if you have grandkids, do what you have to do to see them as often as you can.  And whatever else you may do, if you love someone, make sure they know it.  Life is too short to hold in your feelings.

Now, listen and enjoy this”  Circle

Mumbles says

Thanks Harry, rest in peace.

God bless us all