Self Medication

I like my cocktails.  Generally, 1 per night, around 5 or 6 pm.  Crown and coke, or VO and coke, depending on the going price.  I like a strong drink (I’m an ex-bartender), and on occasion, I will have two cocktails, but not very often.

I do not get drunk, because of my Parkinson’s my speech is already difficult to understand, I don’t stagger, get loud, or even think I can dance better.  I just like my cocktail.  It relaxes me, calms me, my tremors aren’t as bad and I feel better.

However, my wife, and others think I am self-medicating.  Granted, the nightly cocktails started sometime after I was diagnosed, but then before then I really didn’t have any true stress in my life.  I mean my job was a piece of cake, my wife loved me (and she still does), stress was non-existent.  Life was good, and in spite of everything I’m blessed with, life is always good.  (I say blessed with, because I am not cursed or being punished or any of that negative stuff).  I have PD and the big E, but the DO NOT have me.

So, I do not think I am self-medicating.  Life is short enough if you are healthy, we are all on I time clock, only some of us have broken clocks that run to fast.  Some of us get lucky and out clocks can be repaired, others…not so much.

I do not feel sorry for myself.  I embrace life, my wife, my family and friends and I embrace who I am.  I’m a fat little guy who has some physical difficulties, but that’s life, take it or leave it.  Personally, I think I will choose life.

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