Lord I am not worthy…

Lord I am not worthy to receive you but only say the word and I shall be healed.

I received feedback from two of my loyal readers asking me to continue. I am humbled and grateful for your comments, and because of you I will continue.

I must tell you a story.   I have been trying to read the bible, off and on,  for a long time, but I have always gotten sidetracked and never gotten through it.  However, just recently God steered my in a different direction…The Bible on audio CD. So, I went in search of a quality version that was true to the written Word. I found a program called The Word of Promise audio bible. I found it on amazon.com, read the description and I ordered the New King James version.  What a wonderful purchase.  It is dramatized with over 500 actors, sound effects and music.  It’s great, and a long time ago I bought The Bible Reader’s Companion but had seldom used it.  Now, by combining the two I am getting an incredible education in God’s Word.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more.

I am glad to be back writing, it gives me pleasure to spread God’s word and to bring inspiration to others.

Mumbles says

I am back

God bless you all!


One thought on “Lord I am not worthy…

  1. Rich

    The Bible, while being the holy book of God, does present some reading issues for a lot of people. You may want to consider another alternative, “The Book of God” (The Bible as a Novel) by Walter Wangerin, Jr. It is the story of the Bible from beginning to end, but written as a novel. I approached this with a little skepticism, but as I started to read, I was hooked immediately. I would recommend it to anyone who is finding it difficult to read the Bible.


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