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This is in response to Rich’s comment regarding the Book of God (a novel treatment of the Bible).  I respect and defend your way of studying the Bible, as long as you are trying to learn as much as you can regarding our Lord is generally OK.

However, I was raised Wisconsin Synod Lutheran (literalist), however I have since migrated over to Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). I remain to a large degree a literalist, however, I realize that there are a number of parables (stories) in the bible used to make a point.

For instance, I believe in intelligent design. I will not argue against the Big Bang Theory (not the TV show), but if there was indeed a big bang, it was how God created the Universe. I believe that Jonah and the whale is probably a parable. In the New Testament Jesus uses many parables to teach God’s word or to make a point.

I don’t claim to know all the answers, only what I have been taught and what I believe to be fact. But we are all going to have to wait until we get to heaven to get the answers. All will be revealed at that time.

Speaking of getting to heaven, can you imagine the view of the Universe we will get then? There are a number of things in the Bible that I cannot get my head around, sometimes it almost makes me dizzy trying. Things like:

  • How long did God exist before he created the Universe (I know he has always existed, but how long is that).
  • Triune God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, but only one God.
  • Elijah went to heaven while still he was still alive? How does that work?
  • What is heaven?
  • What happens when we get to heaven?

Contemplation of these issues is virtually impossible, yet scientists continue to try to disprove it all.  Why not just read and learn what God has for all those who believe?

Mumbles says

I would rather live life believing in God and finding out He does not exist; rather than live my life as if  there is no God only to find out that He is real.

God’s peace


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