My Valentine

I am blessed.  I am blessed with a partner that is loyal, faithful, beautiful, my wife and above all my best friend.  We have been together for over 26 years, and I can honestly say I love her more now that ever.

My wife is an amazing and caring woman.  She cares for me with all my maladies and I truly appreciate her love and care she gives to me.  She claims she’s not a people person, but I have observed her rush to help a person in need without giving it a second thought.  She genuinely cares.

She emotionally invested herself in my family (and I in hers), and she loves my sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren as much as I do.  And those she loves she loves unconditionally.

She loves her own family beyond words with all her being and she has friends that she cares for by just listening to their problems and occasionally offering advice.

As for me, she lights up my life.  After God, she is the most important person in my life.  She makes me smile just thinking about her, she warms my heart just walking in the room, when we are in a group of people, I’m proud she is with me and she makes me a better person just knowing her and being around her.

So how do you tell someone this important just how much you love them and how precious they are to you?  I’m doing it right now by announcing before everyone on the world-wide web that I love my wife Betty Jane (BJ) with all my heart and I will love her for eternity.  I thank God for bringing her into my life and for keeping her with my forever.

Mumbles (Bob) says

I love my bestess friend, my partner and my wife with all my heart.

God bless her!