Thy Will Be Done…

For me, four of the most important words Jesus taught us are “Thy Will Be Done”.  They take away our attempt at control and we acknowledge that the control belongs to God.  Jesus taught us these words in the Sermon on the Mount when someone in the crowd asked  “how shall we pray”.  Jesus responded with what we now call the Lord’s Prayer.

When Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane just prior to being taken captive, he prayed  “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.”  Even Jesus defers to His Father’s will, fully knowing what lies ahead for Him.  Torture, flogging, mocking, and ultimately death on the Cross.

This gave me pause.  Who am I to ignore or go against the will of God when my Saviour Jesus readily accepts the Father’s will.  There are going to be times in our life when God will ask us to do something we find difficult or scary; something we really don’t want to do, but we must accept His will for our own good.

Remember, the will of God will never take us to a place that the Grace/Power of God won’t protect us.  After studying the first eight books of the Bible, I realize that the Exodus generation we a rebellious bunch who flip-flopped between “having it their way” and “doing it God’s way”.  They were constantly testing God’s patience, but God’s love for us never waivers.  He created us, we are His, and fortunately for us, He loves us unconditionally.  And that is the way we should love Him, unconditionally.

If God can create our world, galaxy and universe, and the most brilliant minds of mankind cannot prove He didn’t, then I think it’s in our best interest to do His will.  He would never lead us astray.  The non-believer would say we are just following along blindly, and to some degree that’s true, only we call it faith.

So the next time you are torn between two actions and don’t know which way to go, remember, “God’s will be done.”

Mumbles says

Following his will…you can’t go wrong.

God Bless!