It is Finished…

As we enter the season of Lent, and approach that most glorious of days – Easter, there remains the discussion that has lasted for years by scholars, far smarter than I could hope to be, about the last words of Christ while dying on the cross.  A discussion I might add, that I have no intention of entering into.  What I will discuss are what I consider the three most important words Jesus said while on the cross.

In my most humble opinion, the most important words for we Christians to dwell on and rejoice over are the three simple words “It is finished”.

I say three simple words, yet the weight of those three words meaning in our lives is immeasurable.  Meditate for a moment on what those three words mean to you.  It’s done; it’s over; it’s complete; and most importantly… I am forgiven.

At the very instant that Jesus completed those three words, our sins were forgiven.  When Jesus said that his mission here on earth was done, we were cleansed in His blood and we were forgiven.  Granted Jesus still had a lot to do; He had to meet with his disciples to give them the final instructions; He had to ascend to the Father; and much more before finally taking his seat at the Right Hand of God the Father.  But as miraculous as it may sound, our sins were washed away.  I don’t know what more needs to be said.

Mumbles says,