A Psalm for Forgiveness and Harmony

Abba Father, I am a sinner who comes to you with repentence.  I have lived a life without you and I have lived a life with you, and I prefer a life in harmony with you.

Your servant begs for forgiveness, for your mercy and your grace; for your guidance and acceptance.  Take away from me the guilt of my iniquities and hold me in the palm of your hand and comfort me.  Discipline me as a father disciplines his child, but then forgive me as a father forgives and love me once again.

I pray Father that you will come into my life and free me from evil.  Show me what it is that you would have me do, who it is you would have me be and how to live in a way that pleases you.

Lead me in your paths of righteousness and guide me in my every action.  Help me realize that it is not about me, but about how I can make a difference for others.  Help me put your Son Jesus at the center of all that I do, say and think.  Help me walk in His footsteps and his Light forevermore.

Grant me Your peace of mind, knowing that I have, by your mercy, been forgiven and will live in your grace for eternity.

I love you Father, Son and Holy Spirit and praise you with all my being.  Amen and amen.