Death of a Terrorist

God Bless the U S Military! May He keep them safe and bring them back to us soon.

Sunday night while getting ready for bed, we heard the news that a terrorist had been killed. The Navy Seals had invaded his compound, breached his residence, and when they confronted him offered him the opportunity to surrender. He refused, and he was shot and killed. The end.

In the Old Testament there are numerous accounts of rulers and other enemies of the Israelites that were killed in battle. There are instances where God protected his people, eliminating thousands, without the Israelites even lifting a weapon. Enemies of God’s people face God’s wrath. We are a nation of God’s people. Our country was founded on our faith in God, and he has guided and protected us since.

I take no particular joy in the terrorists death. However, I won’t miss him either. He was a murderer of men, women, children and animals, and made no exceptions based on someone’s religion. He killed as many Muslims as any other religions, as long as it fit his evil plans. His methods for killing were obscene and totally sickening.

I hope for those who were directly affected by this terrorist find some sense of closure in this. Some will celebrate his death and some will celebrate his life. Personally, I will celebrate neither. He’s dead…so be it.  I doubt I’ll have tea with him in heaven.

Mumbles says

No virgins for the terrorist!

God Bless the USA and let us all praise God for all our blessings.