A Psalm for Balance

Oh Lord, my God, creator of all that is, seen and unseen; we praise your name and trust in your magnificence.  We plead for balance in our world Oh God, balance in every aspect of our lives; but especially we pray today for balance in nature.  We pray you will help the flood waters to recede, for the storms to subside, and to bring rain to those that need it.

Only you Creator God control nature and all its strength.  Tame the winds, calm the rivers and bring precious rain to the parched lands.  We repent for our iniquities that brought this weather upon us and pray for your mercy on all the earth.  Send help to those oppressed by the storms, rescue those in the paths of the floods and comfort those who lost a loved one in the devastation.

You alone can save us Lord and we praise your Holy name.  Amen!