A man of many friends

Proverbs 18:24 “A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

At first when I read this I didn’t get it.  Fully realizing King Solomon was the wisest man ever, I had to turn to my Bible Readers Companion for help.

My BRC explained it this way: “A man of many companions is a characterization, and it means “”a person who indiscriminately multiplies superficial aquaintanceships”” or someone who claims more friends than they really have”.

To break that down for everyone, imagine a person you know who regards dozens of acquaintances as friends; when in reality, they are simply a casual acquaintance.  A follower who likes to claim people as his friends, when he barely knows them; but they want something you can provide, other than friendship.

In reality, the number of true close friends we have is minimal but they are wonderful.  Close friends will listen to you because they want to, not because they are trying to impress you.  Those casual friends that cling to you often want something from the relationship besides just being friends. Don’t misunderstand me, we all have good friends that love us and we love them; but true close friends are rare, and should be truly cherished.

The man of many companions fails to realize that what really counts is investing ones time in building a deeper, caring relationship with those friends who will remain faithful no matter what happens.  Aside from my family, I can think of about 10 friends that would stick with me through thick and thin.

Many will claim to be your friend no matter what, but when troubles arise, they have a tendency to be hard to find, or they are too busy, or whatever other excuse they can come up with.  They didn’t expect to have to reciprocate in the friendship.

So, when you find someone special in your life, work very hard to nourish that friendship, and let those clingers go, you will truly reap the benefits of a true friendship.  Friends are important, true friends are priceless.

Mumbles says

Always try to be a true friend!

God’s peace!