Just Say Thanks

Everyday is a new day; new beginnings, new challenges and new blessings.  Did you start your day thanking God for making it safely through the night and for a good nights sleep?  And at the end of the day did you thank God for all the blessings of the day; for his protection and guidance and all the good in your day?  Did you thank Him for family, friends, work, your home, etc.  They are all gifts from God.

We are all very quick to ask God for help, for love or money, for protection or direction in our lives, but when our prayers are answered, how many of us stop to take time to thank Him for answering our prayers?

It’s easy to ask for and receive help from God, and then pat ourselves on the back for how well we did solving our problem.   It’s also easy for us to take credit for something that was totally God’s doing; something where we were an observer, not a participant.

Next time you are blessed, whether you asked for it or it was simply given to you, take a moment and just say Thank You Lord.  You might be surprised by happens next…

Mumbles says

Thank You Lord for all you have ever done for me.

God Bless