Is Technology Making God Irrelevant

During bible study this morning it dawned on me that for the generations after the “baby boomers”, God is something our parents and grandparents believe in.  God is no longer relevant to us.  That scares me on so many levels.

People talk about how violent our world has become, more violent than WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam.  Since then war has changed dramatically.  We have technology now that baffles most of us that are over 55.  I am 60 years old and the changes in my world are so mind boggling that it’s difficult to explain how I feel.

We got out first computer in the mid 80’s, and old 8088.  Slower than molasses, it literally took several minutes to download a picture and going from one website to another could take two to three minutes.  Now computers can perform almost every physical task that we currently do, and they can do a lot of thinking for us.   But fortunately we are still able to do most of our own thinking in regarding things that matter most; love, morality and God.

Currently, the majority of Gen Xer’s and beyond worship the microchip and USB cables than they do God.  Their parents may or may not have told them about God, but they did not hear it because they were playing an on-line game with friends around the world.  The concept of God is as strange to them as technology is to us old folk.

The problem lies in the following:

1.  The Bible is difficult to read and understand for many.

2.  The time period covered in the Bible is ancient history to today’s young.

3.  Parents don’t go to church anymore, or if they do, often their children don’t go along.

4.  Violence has replaced love in the world.

5.  Parents are more worried about getting  the children to soccer, dance, gymnastics, football, etc.

6.  Church, even for the early Gen Xer’s, has become irrelevant.

7.  Technology is trying to make God a person of the past.

8.  Politicians and the media!

So, what do we do?  How do we get God back into the forefront of our lives.  Granted there are some Gen Xer’s and Zer’s that are showing signs of faith and love; but we need to get everyone onboard.  Survey’s say that 84-86% of Americans believe in a higher power.  Oh yeah?

Unfortunately, many parents take their children to these community churches; I call them “feel good” churches because they don’t talk about sin, or Christ crucified, or hell.  They deal with all the good stuff, but ignore the consequences of sin.  Without consequences for our actions, we have no responsibilities to society; it’s do what you want to do.  Thus the increase in violence, especially murder.  There is no respect for life.

The major problem with our society is the media and politicians.  It’s also minority groups that are trying, and succeeding in some cases, to tell the majority what to do and what to believe.  Atheists push God from the forefront and we let them.  Politicians ignore the desires of the majority and do what they want. And last, and least, the media bows to the almighty dollar and only broadcasts violence and sex because  that’s what draws viewers, and thus money.  The liberals don’t want us involving God in this country, despite the fact that that is what this country was founded on.

God forgives us, we are wandering further and further from you to our own devastation.  Lord help us.  Help us find a way to reach those who are willing to listen and those who are looking for you.  Help our churches to reach out to those who will listen and regather the flock to You, as it once was.

Technology has it’s purpose in our lives, but that purpose is not to replace our Creator God.

Mumbles says

Lord please put technology in its place!

God’s peace


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