The Wisdom of Solomon

When he was young in his reign, God came to King Solomon in a dream and told him to ask for something, whatever he desired.

King Solomon asked God to grant him wisdom to rule God’s people. Because King Solomon did not ask for riches and power,  God granted him wisdom and much more.  God blessed King Solomon with wealth and respect in addition to wisdom.

Considering King Solomon reigned from 970-930 BC it’s amazing how accurate and timely his words are for our generation as well.  Truly King Solomon’s was a wisdom for all ages.

Below are some examples taken from the Book of Proverbs (P) and paraphrases from the Bible Reader’s Companion (BRC):

Fear of the Lord – is described as the beginning of wisdom. (BRC)

Relationship with the Lord – trust Him, acknowledge Him, rely on Him, honor Him and remember Him in time of need. (BRC)

Disciplining our children, chastise with the intent to teach, not harm.  Show love and concern, not anger or shame. (BRC)

A gentle answer turns away wrath but harsh words stir up anger. (P)

Only a fool despises a parents discipline; whoever learns from correction is wise.(P)

The rich can pay a ransom, but the poor won’t even get threatened. (P)

We are all familiar with the wisdom King Solomon displayed when a woman tried to steel the baby of another woman after she accidentally suffocated her own child when she fell asleep while breastfeeding.

King Solomon’s decision was both shocking and magnificent, ordered the child be cut in half and divided between the two women. King Solomon  knew that the true mother of the child would offer to give up her child rather than see it die.

The Book of Proverbs (much of it written by King Solomon) is truly a learning experience. The knowledge displayed by all the authors is absolutely wonderful and eye opening.

However, we must not forget the frailties of King Solomon.  For as wise as he was, he was also human, and that leads to sin.  King Solomon’s sin was that he took many wives, and a large number of them were from foreign lands; and to please his foreign wives, he created idols for them and joined them in worshiping the idols.  He also participated in the practices of the idols, including the unbelievable practice of sacrificing humans, including children.

The lessons here are many.  No one is wiser than God.  Power and wisdom can and will corrupt.  God is forgiving to all those who truly repent.  Punishment is to be expected, even with forgiveness.  God is true to his word/covenants.  And most importantly, God is merciful and full of love and grace for you and I.

Mumbles says

Be wise and repent!

God bless!