Are there Beignet’s in Heaven?

We all have our own vision of what heaven is like.  The Bible refers to new heavens and a new earth; streets of gold etc.  And each of us have our own ideas, mansions, pools, banquets, mountains, lakes and much more.

Who knows, some of our ideas may be true; but I don’t think we can even scrape the surface of what heaven will be like.

Many look forward to reunions with our families, all the generations.  Many will look for their pets from earth, dogs, cats, birds, gerbils, and more.

Imagine seeing the universe as it continues to expand and change, only from the other side.  Black holes, galaxies we’ve never seen or heard of and who knows what else.  The human mind cannot comprehend what it will be like.

Angels, Archangels, Seraphim and Cherubim and choirs singing praises to God.

Personally, I am looking forward to meeting people like Moses, Jacob, Issac, David, Solomon, the Disciples, Paul and so many more.  Also, we can meet our heroes, learn the answer to some of earths mysteries and we’ll finally find out who killed Kennedy.

But, most importantly, we all hope to see God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Will that be allowed?  Can we handle it? What will they look like?  What is the mystery of the Triune God all about?   What would we say to Them…what would They say to us.

If we are allowed to talk with God, what will He say to us or us to Him.  Can I share a hug with Jesus?  Can I tell Him I’m sorry for making him suffer and die…face to face?  Can we sit and cry together, laugh together or just sit and love each other?

If we were crippled, deformed, injured, missing limbs, mentally challenged et al, will we be healed totally when we get to heaven? Will our bodies be whole again?  Will we have bodies?

Will we have homes?  Where will we stay.  Who will we live with?  Will we eat? What will we eat.

I cannot wrap my mind around any of this, it is too much, but I’ll tell you this; I hope there are beignet’s in heaven… and chocolate.

Mumbles says,

Heaven only knows!

God’s Peace!