Plenty Left Over

There were two occasions where thousands were fed with no more than seven loaves of bread and two fish. The feeding of the 5000 – Matthew 14:17-21 (especially 20-21) and the feeding of 4000 – Matthew 15:34-38 (especially 37-38). The 5000 consisted of mostly Jews, and the 4000 were mostly Gentiles.

However, it is not who was fed that I want to concentrate on; but rather the last two verses in each of the readings; where everyone was filled and when they gathered up what was left, there was plenty left over.

I believe there is a reason, beyond the obvious, that we are told about the abundance that was leftover. There are several things that come to mind.

1. Even when we die and leave this world, there is more to come.
2. When God answers a prayer, there is enough of His grace left for many more blessings.
3. When God pours out His love for us, even though we still sin, there is always more love waiting for us.
4. God’s grace and mercy are virtually bottomless, provided we repent of our sins.

God wants us to know that there is always more for those who love Him and follows His commandments.  His blessings are endless for all, Jew or Gentile that walk in His ways.  God wants us to succeed but He demands obedience.  What little to ask of us for the rewards He gives.  That’s better than any bargain you will ever get here on earth.

Mumbles says,

Never go hungry… follow Jesus!

God’s peace!