Jesus Wept

In virtually all English translations of the Bible, John 11:35 reads “Jesus wept”.  The shortest and most powerful verse in the Bible.

When we realize that Jesus wept in response to the death of His friend Lazarus’ death, and the sorrow it brought to all who loved Lazarus, Christ was moved to tears.  He felt true sadness at Lazarus’ death, even knowing He was going to bring him back to life within mere minutes.  Lazarus was Jesus friend, as are we, and Jesus’ tears for us are just as real as they were for Lazarus.

There are other times when Jesus wept; one example was when he was praying to His father in Heaven (in the Garden of Gethsemane), shortly before being arrested.  But what’s comforting to me is that Jesus weeps for me and all those he loves; because when we sin, Jesus is saddened and our sin pushes us away from Him.  Jesus loves us and wants us to follow in His footsteps and to do His will; and when we don’t, we make Him weep.

That’s an over simplification of “Jesus wept”, because Jesus is God, Jesus is our Savior, this most important and powerful Being; and yet we, as simple humans make Him weep.  Jesus loves us so much that He weeps when we fail.

However, the good news is that Jesus also laughs and sings and dances for Joy with us also, because he loves us.  Jesus shares our highs and our lows with equal strength of emotion.  How much more can we hope for than our Savior loving us so much that we move him to tears or joy and sadness depending upon our actions.

I don’t know about you, but as for me, I want an emotional God; and if I’m going to make Him weep, I pray they are tears of joy.

Mumbles says,

Make Jesus smile and laugh every chance you get.

God’s peace!