There is still time

I am not hear to preach armaggedon or the Rapture, or predict a date that the world will end.  Only God the Father knows the date and time the world will end.

However, there are signs of gloom and doom all around us and I wouldn’t blame anyone for feeling that the end is in fact near.  Wars, pestilence, countries rising up against countries, global warming (?), etc.

After looking around at all that is going on in our world today, I think we all better get right with God, and do it fast.  The title of this article is “There is still time”, but it could just as easily have been “Is there still time?”  Is there still time to repent and set our lives straight?  Is there time to learn about God?  Will God accept my repentance at the last minute?  Is there a cut off date or time?

It is amazing to me how gracious God is.  For example, take the case of a man driving down a dark highway, a little too much to drink, he loses control and as his car and is heading for a cliff; he cries out “Lord help me!”  In my experience God would help.  If the individual’s first thought is to cry out to God for help instead of cursing his bad luck, then I believe the Lord would help.

The key here is sincerity. If you truly believe, then God will hear you; if you read the Bible looking for loopholes, then not so much.  God definitely was not born yesterday…

Mumbles says,

Believe with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind!  Trust in the Lord!

God’s peace!