To Betty Jane (my BJ)

Mia Bella Amico e Socio,

Ti amo più di quanto si potrà mai sapere e più sarò mai in grado di dire!


The sentence above says it about as well as I can say it, but it is still inadequate.  Only God and I knew back in 1980 that you and I would ever get together, fall in love and eventually marry in 1984.  That day in 1980 when I was first introduced to you, you thought I was a stalker and I thought you would someday be my wife.

A few days after meeting you I went on vacation and stopped off to see my aunt in Wisconsin, and I told her I had met the woman I was going to marry.  She thought I was crazy, I thought I was in love at first sight.

The reason I am writing this is because if I ever tried to say it out loud, I would be crying through the whole thing.  But I felt it was something that I wanted and more importantly needed to tell you.

I am of sound mind, strong heart and slowly changing body.  We are in our 28th year of marriage and Lord only know how you have put up with me that long, but I am glad you did.  You are my compass in life because I would be totally lost without you.

Over the last few years, as my health has deteriorated, you have been by my side, all the way.  You watch over me, guide me, guard me and everything else God has given you the strength to be for me.  One of the warmest feelings I get is when you grab onto me to keep me from falling or to lead me where I need to go.  That touch to me is pure and totally unselfish love and I thank you and love you for it.

I try not to take you for granted, but I am sure there are times I do, I’m sorry.  I try not to burden you or lose my sense of humor with you, but there are days when I’m really down or hurting that I slip up.  Forgive me.

Everyday I grow to love you more and more.  Your care-giving skills are second to none; even in the littlest of things. Your gentle touch and loving manner are often the only thing between me and going over the edge.  There are days I want to scream or whine about some little ache or pain, or maybe my oxygen tube gets stepped on or caught on something; other times I actually am hurting either physically or mentally.  But fortunately, God gave me you… thanks Lord.

So now when I tell you I love you every night, please remember all these things that come straight from my heart.

Oh, and by the way, the opening to this letter, written in Italian translates “My Beautiful Friend and Partner, I love you more than you will ever know and more will never be able to say!”
Ti amerò finché io vivo! (I will love you as long as I live), Vita Bella!

Your hubby, Bob