I am not in charge

Many of us want to serve God, but only as an advisor.  Of that I am certain, because I have been trying to advise him for years.

I write today to apologize to my God.  I have been and still am one of the most self-centered people I know.  To date I have posted approximately 80 articles to this blog.  I have usually tried to take all the credit for these articles, when in reality, I am only responsible for the typing.  God has sent the Holy Spirit to inspire me and tell me what to write.

As it is with many writers, they have egos bigger than most.  They are very protective of the things they write.  I however have gone overboard on this.  I bug my friends to read what I write so that I can get the credit, and I give some credit to God.  However, I wrote to my Pastor about this and asked him about “original thought”, and he said that even though we have original thought, it comes from our experiences God has granted us.  Thus…God gives us the words through our experiences and as such the words are his.

He also gave me this prayer, written by G K Chesterton to help me keep in mind where all my blessings come from:

“Here dies another day

During which I have had eyes, ear and hand.

And the great world round me.

And tomorrow begins another.

Why am I allowed two?”

Mumbles says,

Forgive me Lord, I am but a pencil, you are the author.

God Bless.