Daily Bread

When Jesus taught us to pray, He gave us what we call “The Lord’s Prayer”, and in that prayer we say “give us this day our daily bread”.  In my current studies, I am learning all about The Lord’s Prayer.

I found the section on “give us this day our daily bread” particularly interesting.  What “daily bread” entails is far more than I would have guessed.  We are not just talking about food, but virtually everything we need for that day.  Food yes, but also employment, love, shelter, family, and on and on.

However, God knows what our needs and wants are, so why do we need to pray for daily bread?  When we pray, whether for daily bread, health, someone who is sick or dying; no matter what, it brings us into conversation with God, we are acknowledging His presence in our lives.  And when we acknowledge Him, He hears us and He will help us.

We don’t need to pray for socks or a bike for our child, we shouldn’t pray for riches or to win the lottery.  We should pray for our basic needs, daily bread, and God will see our wants as well.   If we ask for riches, we are pushing ourselves away from God.  We are making money more important in our lives and we definitely do not want anything in our lives to be more important than God.

So, when you pray, simply ask for daily bread, and let God decide what of your desires he will fulfill.  He will be very generous when we put Him first in our lives.

Lord, please give us this day our daily bread.

Mumbles says,

I trust in you Lord to provide what I need.

God’s Peace!