You Gotta Walk

There is an old country gospel song called Lonesome Valley.  The song tells us that we have to walk through the lonesome valley and you have to walk it alone.  It goes on to tell us that Jesus walked that lonesome valley and he walked it by himself.  Then, it says we have to stand trial and stand it on our own.

Well, although I really enjoy the song and the meaning, I disagree with the premise.  It’s true that Jesus had to walk his walk alone but we have someone walking with us.  Jesus is right there by our side, and like it says in the Footprints in the Sand poem, sometimes He even has to carry us.

The song may sing about how it may feel at times, but if we just look to our left, Jesus is right there next to us.

Mumbles says,

Take His hand and walk through that valley and stand that trial.

God Bless!