Enough Already!!!

I admit that I watch the show Survivor, my wife and I are hooked on it.  It’s a competition between tribes of people until they whittle it down to a small enough group; then it becomes every person for themselves.  It’s called a reality show, but it’s really more of a contest.

What I call “reality television” should more aptly be called “trash television”.  Shows like The Bachelor, Wife Swap, Celebrity Wife Swap, the Kardashian’s and now Joan Rivers and her daughter are coming our with their own “trash” show.

Who in their right minds cares what goes on in the Kardashian or Rivers households?  Who wants to watch an hour of some so-called celebrity families dirty laundry?  And most importantly, what gives them the idea that they are that interesting that anyone really cares?

I really have trouble with the wife swapping shows and shows like the Bachelor where we are shown 1 person screwing around with a couple of dozen people from the opposite sex, and they call it reality?  That’s more like adultery and prostitution television… pure garbage.

All of the people on those shows need to get a grip on “reality” and get a real life with a real job.  Quit embarrassing yourselves on national television, it’s just shameful.

As for the Kardashian’s and the River’s and the Simmon’s families, get a clue… you are NOT that important.

Mumbles says,

No more barf TV.

God’s peace!