The Gift

As amazing as it may be, you cannot earn your way into heaven. You can earn your way out of heaven, but not into.

Heaven is a gift. A gift from God, through his Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. God gave us Jesus, and He came down from heaven to earth, as a man born of a woman; and ultimately to take our sins unto himself and then to the Cross, where are sins were forgiven, once for all.

So what’s the need to live a Godly life? Like I said earlier, we can earn our way out of heaven. All we need to do is lose faith, stop believing or believe there is no God.

God loves us and wants us to believe in Him and to be saved and join Him in heaven. Two main requirements: trust and faith. Trust God when he tells us to walk in the light of Jesus and have faith that He will fulfill His promises to us. It’s call grace; and mercy.

Mumbles says,

Walk in the light of Jesus and believe.

God Bless!