God’s Answers

This was sent to me on Facebook, and I thought I would share it with you.  But I also wanted to comment on it.

The picture says God’s 3 answers are 1.  Yes, 2. Not yet and 3. I have something better in mind.  However, I think there is a fourth, and it’s the obvious 4.  No.  It has to be there because God will indeed tell us no from time to time.

Sometimes we request something from God that is just not right for us, or something we should never have asked for in the first place; and the answer is going to be No.

Ultimately of course, God wants to lead us to the ultimate Yes, and when that Yes comes, he will never have to tell us no ever again.  But for now, we should think about what we are asking for, and we have to accept the fact that God will not always say yes, or later or here’s something else instead.  He will say no.

Mumbles says,

We have to learn to accept God’s NO!

God’s Peace!