I’ll Pray for You!

You hear people say it all the time; probably have said it yourself. Question is, did you just casually say it but didn’t follow through, or did you mean it and did you do it?

Unfortunately, I can say yes to both sides of that question, though I think I am getting better on following through. My problem is my memory, not so good these days. I mean well, but unfortunately I’m just paving the way to hell with good intentions.

When you say you will pray for someone, mean it and do it. If you are not going to follow through, just ask God to bless them on the spot and don’t say you will pray for them. I say this because when you say you will pray for them, you have made a pact with them, they are counting on you. You have a moral obligation to follow through.

I say this not as a reprimand, but as a reminder. I can’t scold someone for something I am guilty of as well.

Mumbles says,,

If you say it, mean it and do it. You will both feel better.

God Bless!