Holy Week – Good Friday

What can you say about Good Friday? Our Savior took it all to the Cross and gave His life once for all. Thank you Lord Jesus, I love you!

At our church here in Colorado, we celebrate Good Friday with a Tenebrae service. It’s an ancient service that tells us of the gravity of our sins and the greatness of Jesus’ sacrifice. It is a dark, solemn and emotional service. The church starts out in full light, and as the service proceeds with readings and prayers, the church lights go done until, at the end we are in almost total darkness. According to our Pastor, the dimming of the lights signifies the flight of the disciples.

The Gospel readings come from all four Gospels. This is the day of “great loneliness” The Lord’s Prayer is whispered several times during the service. At the end of the readings, the central candle is removed from the sanctuary, thus reminding us of the death of Jesus. Then the bible is slammed shut, signifying Christ’s death.

The service concludes with the traditional reproaches of Christ, His lament against His faithless church.Then, in total silence the congregation leaves.

Tomorrow we discuss the Saturday Easter Vigil.

Mumbles says,

He said it is finished.

God’s Peace!