Two Thieves

On the day that Christ was crucified, there were two thieves that were crucified with Him.

As the Gospel of Luke tells us in Chapter 23 verse 39, “One of the criminals who hung there hurled insults at him: “Aren’t you the Messiah? Save yourself and us!””.  The other thief defended Jesus, telling the first thief (in verse 40 and 41) “40 But the other criminal rebuked him. “Don’t you fear God,” he said, “since you are under the same sentence? 41 We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong.””.

The second thief then said to Jesus (verse 42) “Jesus, remember me when you come into Your Kingdom”.  And inspite of the suffering Jesus was experiencing, Jesus in a great act of compassion replied (verse 43), “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

I think we all fall into one of the two categories of the two thieves.  The thief who was saved displayed a soul saving act of compassion by recognizing Jesus as the Messiah shortly before he dies.  The thief who mocked Jesus did the opposite, insulting Jesus and telling Him that if He was the Messiah, He should save Himself and the two thieves.

The choice is ours, we can mock Jesus or we can believe in Him and seek compassion from Him.  Trust Him for who He is, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah.

Mumbles says,

Jesus, remember me when You come into Your Kingdom.

God Bless!