I am not ashamed of believing in Jesus my Savior, God the Father or the Holy Spirit… so why do I find it difficult to bring up and discuss my faith in front of strangers.  I mean, you cannot just witness in front of your friends, that’s too easy.

I love my Lord, but I don’t know how or when to claim Him as my Lord and my God.  Am I afraid to claim Him because I might not fit in or be ridiculed for my faith?  Am I embarrassed to talk about Him around strangers?  I hope not, but I fear that may be part of it.  Also, I find it easy to talk about Him with strangers on the internet, and I can witness all day long when I cannot be seen; but it’s when I am face to face with strangers that I choke.

Anyone know how to get over this fear?  I don’t want to appear to be faithless or ashamed of my God.  Comment if you have any suggestions.

Mumbles says,

God forgive me and  help me

God’s peace!