Judge Not

One of the most polarizing topics in today’s society is gay marriages and gay rights.  I separate the two because they need to be considered separately.

Personally I am against gay marriage.  Marriage is one man and one woman.  End of discussion for me.  No judgement just God’s law.

However, as far as gay rights go, I understand their plight.  One one hand they are not legally married, and thus not entitled to the rights of married couples.  But there needs to be some sort of law (like a vested interest law) that gives them the protection and rights under man’s laws.

This is becoming a political football, with both sides fighting for the gay vote.  Only thing is, since we are dealing with politicians, they will lie, cheat and steal for your vote.  One side will all of a sudden see the light and be in favor of gay rights and the other will claim to always have been in favor of the one man, one woman marriage. The one that scares me is the one suddenly claiming to support gay rights where they never have been before.

Mumbles says,

Can’t we find a way to all get along without breaking God’s law?

God’s peace!