Preaching to the Choir

As Christians, we are called upon to spread the Gospel and to share Jesus with all we meet.  I personally have struggled with spreading the word to strangers, but through the internet, I have this blog and I have my Twitter and Facebook pages to spread the  word to anyone who reads my posts.

I also know that I am not alone in dealing with strangers, but if we don’t somehow spread the word to people outside our family and friends circle, we are simply preaching to the choir; it doesn’t spread the word, because they already believe.  The idea of discipleship is to tell others outside our comfort zone the good news about Jesus.

Of course discussing Jesus and his time here on earth with our friends is not wasted time, it’s simply conversation with those we love and an exchange of ideas and philosophies.  And that is a way of growing in faith with those we love.

But we need to step outside our comfort zone on occasion and let others know about our faith story.  For any of my readers, you can follow me on Facebook at  Simply ask to be my friend and I’d be glad to IM with you or talk with you about our faith stories.

Mumbles says,

Spread the word… any way you can.

God’s peace!


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