Shooting at local theater

During the night, many people went to see the new Batman movie in Aurora, CO. About 20-30 minutes into the movie a gunman threw a smoke canister and then opened fire, shooting dozens of innocent moviegoers. So far, 12 have died, and approximately 50 more we injured. Check your local news and newspapers for more details. The suspect is in custody.

I am 61 years old and have seen countless acts of senseless violence, but each time another one happens I am still in shock. Living in Colorado, we have been through the Columbine High School shootings, a shooting at a church in Colorado Springs, and many more throughout the nation. If the shootings were politically motivated, such as an act of terrorism perpetrated by a foreigner, or a foreign influenced American; I can at least to some degree understand. But for someone to walk into a theater or a high school or a church? What is it in their lives that is so bad that they have to go out and randomly try to kill as many innocent people as they can?

What triggers such violence? I could blame it on all the violent movies or previous mass murders or even wars; and there is some truth to that; but I think there is something more. Sometimes the shooter will tell you he heard voices or they had delusional dreams that told them what to do and how to do it. Others are psychotic individuals who are off their meds. PTSD can lead to something like this and who knows what else.

How do we reach out to these people before they act? How do we identify them? Without forming a police state, how do we get them treatment once we do identify them. I am sorry, but at this point all I have is questions, no answers. It’s all just so sad.

God bless those affected by this and all the other shootings. May He comfort them and help them find some peace within the knowledge that He is there for them.

Mumbles says,

God help us find the answers and stop the violence.

God’s peace!