It’s not about me

Ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted attention, to be in the limelight so to speak. It’s always been about me!

Last night before going to sleep, Jesus and I had a talk, initiated by Him.  He informed me that it is not about me, it never was and it never will be.

I have been posting these faith-based short stories since June 2010, and I always thought I was doing a fair job; nothing earth shattering, but decent work.  But I have been wrestling with Jesus about who should be getting the credit.  My banner proudly proclaims that God is the author and I am just the pencil.  But I wanted the credit, I wanted to impress my friends and family and anyone else who might stumble upon my blog.  I wanted people to read my works and post comments (or compliments) and I could bask in the limelight once again.

Jesus told me it was NOT about me, it’s about spreading his word, inspiring the readers to look further into God’s word and that the Holy Spirit would provide the inspiration and the words, and I should be happy to be part of the process.

Oh, I grant you that there are some posts where I don’t quote scripture and the post was mostly just my telling of a story of something I had experienced.  But even then I was being coached by Jesus on what to write about and what part of the story I should tell.

I don’t have a lot of traffic to this site, but I continue to do it.  I do it because Jesus said that some of my readers were strangers who were looking for some hope, some inspiration, some love; and through the words that He would provide, we could help that person.

I still don’t get the credit for what I put on this blog, but I do get the satisfaction that I am a part of  helping someone find that hope and love, then that’s all the attention I need.

Mumbles says,

Take what pleasure you want from your deeds, just remember who actually gets the credit.  And love your boss.

God’s peace!