What if there was no God?

I have had family and friends and strangers question my faith in God; some saying they don’t believe in God, and others just very doubtful or they believe there is some kind of higher power, but just don’t know what that is.

I could use the old standby answers (which are perfectly legit for me) like “the complexity of the human body didn’t just happen”. Or “just look around, check out nature, all that nature is and does, can that just happen”. Or my favorite on to use is “why do you think it’s called faith?”

But, what if there really wasn’t a God?  There would be chaos in the world.  Why?  Because, if there is no God, then there is no penalty for sin or wrongdoing.  As long as you can fool the police, then you get away free.  Adultery, theft, murder… no big deal if you don’t get caught.

I know that to a large degree that is already going on, simply because most (but certainly not all) bad guys and gals, don’t believe in a higher power.  However, take God out of the picture and the temptation to do wrong increases substantially.

But crime is not the only thing changes, marriage goes out the window, just grab the nearest woman and have at it, no worries.  Want to have more than one partner or partners of both sexes… that’s OK.  Work?  Why, I can steal enough to keep living large.  Churches, gone.  Fear abounds, and the inmates take over the asylum.

Chaos I tell you, total chaos.  These are just a few examples, let your imagination run wild.  But then remember, there really IS a God.

Mumbles says,

Thank God there is a God.

God’s blessings to you all.