I will NOT apologize…

If you are walking past me on the street and I accidentally bump into you, I will apologize.  If we are sitting at table and enjoying a wonderful home-made meal, and I burp rather loudly, I will beg your pardon.  These are just simple politeness and common courtesy.

However, if you are offended by the fact that I believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, forget about it.  If my wife and I are eating at a nice restaurant, and pause to say grace before we dine and if bothers you that we did that, tough luck.  If I am at an atheist convention and I pause to pray for all those who are attending, I know that is driving you crazy, but I will not apologize.

For some reason or another non-believers think they have a right to tell me when or where (or even if I can) pray, they are very sadly mistaken.  As a matter of fact, I think they should either wake up and smell the coffee, or simply sit there and keep their mouths shut.

First of all, it is my right as an American to believe in and practice my faith, it’s called freedom of religion.  Next is the fact that I personally don’t care if my praying offends someone, and finally, Jesus told us to pray without ceasing, and I gotta tell you, I fear Him a whole lot more than I do you.

This idea that you have a right to freedom “from” religion is your problem, not mine.  So therefore, I will pray when and where I feel the need or desire to do so.  I’m not going to scream out loud my prayer, I will not try to force you to listen, but be assured, I am going to pray.

And, if necessary… I will pray for you too.

Mumbles says,

Watch out, somewhere, sometime, some how, someone might be asking God to forgive and help those who do not believe.

God Bless you all!