We need to change…

Yesterday I talked about not understanding why God would not answer our prayers to stop or re-route Hurricane Sandy; and I said when I got an answer from God that I would let you know.  Well…

While saying my evening prayers last night, a voice in my head told me that the reason for the storm was to get our attention.  That over the last few days, more people have prayed for help and promised to change their ways and I won’t do it again type prayers.  The voice said that all those people that were praying should call on God on a daily basis, not just in a disaster.

This country is drifting so far from God that He is sending us a wake up call.  Change our ways or pay the price.  If we don’t straighten up and fly right, He will leave us to our own devices and this great country will fall.

I am neither Democrat or Republican, I am a Christian, and I want God brought back to this country to save us from ourselves and restore this country to its once lofty status, a country ready, willing and able to help other nations in trouble, and not be helping our enemies get stronger.

Mumbles says:

It’s time for a change in this country and not just the President, but our attitude, our morals and our compassion for one another.

God Save the USA