Moving to Key Largo, FL

I don’t expect everyone  that knows me to understand this, but my wife and I are moving to Key Largo,  FL for strictly selfish reasons.  As most of you know by now, I have Parkinson’s and emphysema, and currently I am on oxygen 24/7.  However, when we were down in the Keys in October-December, I was able to go without oxygen.  I used it at night with my CPAP machine, but as a refresher, not because I had to use it.

The problem with the move is that there are people who are very near and dear to me that will get hurt by my actions.  I have dear friends here in Colorado, my family mostly live in Minnesota; including my sons, daughters-in-law and my grandkids.  It tears me up that I will not be able to see them as often as I would like, because I won’t get on a plane, and it is so far to drive there, especially since I can’t drive anymore.

I have to concede I don’t know how much longer I will live (if any longer) because of the move.  But I do know that while I am in Florida I will be able to live freer without the constant need for supplemental oxygen.  And I know that eventually, even in Florida, I will need oxygen again, because emphysema never gets better, it’s chronic and it will get worse (or at least my doctors say so); but who knows what God will have to say about all that.

So if you are one of my family or one of my dearest and bestest friends, I apologize for my selfishness.  I hope you can support my decision and come and visit me when you can.  Cuz I do love and care for you all, more than you may ever know.

Mumbles says,

You are now, and have always been my family, children, grandchildren and friend, and that will not change.

God’s Peace to you all!


2 thoughts on “Moving to Key Largo, FL

  1. Rich Quinn

    Mumbles (Bob); I know that this was not an easy decision and how tough it was to make. While our circumstances are not the same, like you, I had a tough time making the decision to move to SC. While being close (in proximity) to family and friends is nice, you can’t put a price on your health. Family and friends should all support your decision and you, dear friend, have nothing to apologize for. Peace, Love and God’s Blessings to you.


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