Key Largo at Last

After our two month visit to Key Largo and Key West, we returned to Castle Rock the middle of December.  It was great to get back to see all of our wonderful friends, we missed them a bunch.  But I had to go back on oxygen again, 24/7.  Tubes to the left of me – tubes to the right of me and a cannula in my nose; plus I had more breathing problems than I did before we left for Florida.  Sooooo…

We put the house up for sale, figuring it would take a while before sold and we would have plenty of time to get ready to move to Key Largo.  We figured probably sell in March or April and move when it was sold.  Hahaha, joke was on us.  We sold the house in 2 days, first looker made a second visit and put in a contract to buy.  Which gave us less than 30 days to get ready to go.

One of the smartest things we did in preparation for the move was to downsize our house buying footprint.  We took several loads of cold weather gear to Goodwill and Burlington Coats.  We put a lot of our antique furniture up for auction and we gave away a ton of stuff to neighbors and friends.  We probably cut our footprint in half.

Then of course there was packing and shipping of our things we kept.  We hired a professional to do that.  My darling wife worked her buns off getting everything together for this whole thing to come together.  Being on oxygen and out of breath most of the time, I was basically worthless.  But she got us ready and we did it.

We arrived in Key Largo on Saturday, February 2nd.  Weather was great and has been each day so far.  My breathing is way better, I don’t require supplemental oxygen, though I do use some at night with my CPAP machine to help with my sleep apnea.  It is so wonderful to be without all the tubes following me around.  No more leash.

We have been in our new apartment over the last two days, but don’t actually move in until Wednesday when the movers arrive.  But after all the planning and driving and hotels, etc. we are finally home.

We will miss all of our friends back in Colorado, and we all ready miss our kids and grandkids and family, but sometimes you have to be selfish for your own health.  They can always come to visit and we look forward to them coming to see us.

Mumbles says,

Thank God for all He did for us to make this happen.

God Bless you all.


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