Eternal Life

Have you ever given any thought to Eternal Life?

Have you every tried to wrap your mind around the fact that God has always been?

Have you given anytime thinking about how long Eternity is?

Here is the thing that just warps my mind.  God has ALWAYS been.  There is not a time that God didn’t exist.  So how long did God exist before he created the Heavens and the Earth?  How long ago is always?

When we get to heaven, we will be there for Eternity.  Forever!  How long will that be?  My mind is too small to grasp all this, yet I believe in God and Eternal Life.

Mumbles say,

It takes real faith to believe in someone who you can’t see, have never heard, promises you eternal life with Him in heaven, but you don’t even know where that is?

Now, to throw a wrench into the midst of all this, we have the Triune God.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Three beings, one God.  The Father is God, the Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God, but there is only one God.  It gives me a headache to try to figure it out.  It’s fun to contemplate, but keep the aspirin near by.

God Bless!