How Loud Did You Scream?

My two favorite times of the year are Christmas and Easter.  For obvious reasons I guess, first our Savior is born and then He dies to save us.  One is a joyous occasion and the other is mixed emotionally.

I say mixed emotionally because Jesus saved us (good) by suffering and dying (bad)  for our sins.  Even though Christ died some two thousand years ago, it does not remove the guilt we should feel.  We are just as guilty for Christ’s death as any that were there.  We were in that crowd calling for His crucifixion just as sure as we live and die.

Part of the Easter story tells about the crowd in the courtyard call for Christ’s death, and based on the life I have lived, I was one of the loudest in that crowd.  I screamed Crucify Him, Crucify Him.  Even though I know that by the very act of Jesus dying on that cross that I am forgiven, but I will always carry the remorse of my actions that day.

The fact that I caused my Savior to be scourged and beaten and spit upon and mocked and nailed to a cross with three spikes and ultimately to die because of my sins is very sobering indeed.

So if anyone ever asks, “how loud did you scream”, what will your answer be?

Mumbles says,

Chief of sinners though I be, Christ died that day for me.

God’s Peace!