Terrorism Strikes Again

It’s too easy to be melodramatic at a time like this.  All the clichés are probably fitting and accurate.  The outcome is familiar.

We currently live in a time where killing is easy, extreme and all to frequent.  We all understand that terrorist are hate driven.

And, I think we all know this is not the last time something like this is going  to happen on American soil.

I have been struggling with this tragedy, trying to figure out what I would write about the whole situation.  I thought about some righteous indignation, or maybe something apocalyptic (which still is something to consider).  I could go on a political rant blaming everything on the President and the government.  I could blame George W. Bush (everyone else does).  But after all is said and done, this is just another tragedy that makes no sense to most of us.

Thanks to the ineptitude of the bomber, we fortunately only lost three souls.  Boy does that ring hollow.  But it is true, judging from all the video this could have been a great deal worse; those almost 200 wounded could easily have been casualties.  A lot of those injuries were cruel enough to take away  legs and feet and who knows what else.  It also took away a little more of our sense of security and more of the innocence of our children.

All in all, this was another senseless tragedy perpetrated on us by a terrorist (domestic or foreign) and we must be vigilant to avoid more loss of life and limb.

Mumbles says,

Heaven help us all, especially those who were injured and the families of those who died.

God’s peace to you all.