The Atheist and the Christian

There is a website that I get emails from daily, it’s called; and I ran across a short video done by Penn Jillette  (  Mr. Jillette is part of the magic/comedy team of Penn and Teller.  Until I saw this video I was not aware of the fact that Mr. Jillette is an atheist; and there is no reason I should have been aware of that fact.

Mr. Jillette taught me a very profound lesson, something I had never considered.  In his video, he talks about a man who was in his audience the night before and was a participant in one of their tricks.  At the end of the trick, they gave him some of the props from the trick.

Well, the next night this gentleman is waiting for Penn and Teller too come outside after their performance.  I am not sure how, but the man knew that Mr. Jillette was an atheist.  When Mr. Jillette approached him, he gave Mr. Jillette a small pocket-sized Gideon’s Bible.  Several times during the video Mr. Jillette made a point of informing us that  the gentleman was a very polite and sane individual.  He wanted to stress the “sane” part so that we didn’t get him confused with some wacko bible thumping person; but rather that he was a “sane” individual.

Well, Mr. Jillette then said something I never expected to hear from an atheist, something that many Christians may tell you, but not an atheist.  He said that he was impressed by the gentleman because in his own way the gentleman was proselytizing; and Mr. Jillette said that if you are a true Christian or a true atheist, you should be promoting your beliefs.  He said to not proselytize would be to deny your own beliefs.  Thank you Mr. Jillette.

What a wonderful lesson to learn, and it amazes me to no end that I learned a lesson in faith from an atheist.  Go figure.

Mumbles say,

Always listen to what others have to say, even if you know your views are the opposite of what you believe; you still may learn something you didn’t expect.

God Bless Us All