Why do you love Jesus?

I was reading an article at http://jesus-loves-you.org/. The article asked “do you love Jesus for who he is or for what he can do for you?”.

What a question.  To be honest, I would have to say both, but with an emphasis on the part that says “what he can do for me”.

It’s not something we would ordinarily dwell on, but once you hear or read the question, it gives you pause.  And not a pleasant pause.

It’s partly Jesus’ fault you know.  After all, he does SO much for us.  However, trying to blame Jesus for our shortcomings is to get it wrong.  Jesus loves us and wants to do things for us.  He wants us to excel at what we do in life, he wants us to have all we need and he wants us to have some of the things we desire.

The Laws of  Reciprocity says that we should have a mutual exchange between us and our Savior.  All Jesus asks of us is to believe in him, love him and to live our lives in such a way as to reflect positively upon ourselves and especially on Him.  It’s so simple, think of the Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  If we want Jesus to love and care for us, we need to return that love to Him on a daily basis.

Mumbles says

I guess it’s not as tough as I thought it was.

God Bless!