Everyone is beautiful in their own way!

I was on YouTube the other day and I ran across a video featuring Dustin Hoffman, talking about his role in the movie Tootsie.  He said something that should have been a no brainer.   But I am a shamed to say that I fell into the group of us that Dustin was talking about.  Namely, I judged people on their appearance/beauty instead of on their character.  I will do my best to remedy this fault.

Dustin Hoffman’s story about “Tootsie”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPAat-T1uhE.

Then later that same day, I ran across this great article by Dan Doyle on this website:  http://www.jesus-loves-you.org website.

Our hearts need not be troubled if we believe in Jesus. If we believe in Jesus we will do as Jesus did; we will love one another as brothers and sisters. We will make no distinctions, claim no superiorities. We will not judge, and we will not be judged. We will not condemn, and we will not be condemned. We will forgive, and we will be forgiven. We will give to all others, and God will give back to us. The measure of “familial” love we give to others is the measure of familial love we will be given back by God. (Luke 6:37-38)

Read more at http://jesus-loves-you.org/do-not-let-your-hearts-be-troubled/#p3phWU6FqjFu28vH.99

Another reminder, this time quoting the Bible regarding judging, condemning and loving and forgiving.  It was, to say the least a heady day for me.

Mumbles says,

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, so don’t judge, don’t condemn; but rather forgive and love all.

God’s Peace!