Pray for one another

Throughout our life times, we receive gifts of all shapes and sizes; and for all sorts of reasons, birthdays, Christmas, graduation, etc..

But there is one gift we receive that we rarely know when it was given to us or even who it was from.  So what is this gift… PRAYER!

There is a double benefit for the one doing the praying.  First it feels good to pray for others and see the Lord’s work in progress; and secondly, the one that is praying is also developing a closer relationship with Jesus.  And, the more you pray, the closer you can get to Him.

You can pray anytime, anywhere with absolute confidence that He hears you and that He will help.  As an example, say you are driving down the road and an ambulance goes rushing by; it’s a perfect time to ask Jesus to watch over the person that is in trouble.  Or your on Facebook and you see a post for a child suffering with cancer.  Simply take a moment and ask Jesus to comfort and heal the child and comfort the family as well.

One of the greatest things about prayer is that it’s free.  Anyone can do it and there is no charge, so you can pray all you want and never go broke.

So, pray and the bible says, “unceasingly”.

Mumbles says,

Pray often it’s good for the soul.  It heals the receiver and the prayer.

God’s Blessings to you all!