Talk that Talk

I am a hypocrite.  I can talk the talk, but I’m afraid I don’t always walk the walk.

I have known people in my life who, if you engaged them in conversation, you would come away with the impression that you had just talked with a very sincere Christian.  However, if you were able to spend anytime with that person, you would find quite the opposite.

There is a much more to being a Christian than being able to quote scripture, and anyone can call themselves a Christian.  Remember, Jesus gave ALL of us the command to love one another, obey His teachings and walk in His steps; and that’s where we often fail…we talk a really good game, but find it very difficult to walk the walk of Jesus.

There is a an old gospel song called Lonesome Valley, that says “you go to walk that lonesome valley, you got to walk it by yourself, nobody here can walk it for you, you got to walk it by yourself”.  I find that I like the song, but don’t necessarily agree with it.  Jesus will walk beside us as we go through the valley; but we have to make a conscious decision to walk the walk.

Mumbles says:  If you are going to talk it, you better be able to walk it.

God’s Peace!