Why do we care?

We live in Key Largo, FL, which is about 40 minutes or so from Miami, where the latest Justin Bieber scandal is playing out. He was arrested for DUI, drugs, drag racing, and more; All of this took place at 4 am this morning.

My question is why do we care. This punk is a loose cannon that is going to get in to some serious trouble one of these days and they are going to lock him up for an extended period of time. And guess what… I don’t care; and unless your his mother, you shouldn’t give him the time of day either.

Celebrities get way to much attention, especially when they do something wrong. Drugs, booze, sex, and whatever more that they do, and we should give any credence to this political opinion? All in need to know about any celebrity is what is their latest project (movie, new album); but when it comes to wanting their opinion… I DON’T CARE!!!

Mumbles say: If you need anything to worship, turn to God, not some celebrity.

Gods Peace!