The Gift of God

In life, there are gifts “from” God (life, forgiveness, Jesus) and then there are gifts “of” God.

I saw a video the other day showing a number of Chinese Christians receiving their first ever Bibles.  The look on  their faces were priceless.

We as Americans take it for granted that if we want a Bible, we go out and buy one.  Heck, I’ve got 5 or 6, some of which I bought and some were presents.

But it wasn’t a matter of could they have a Bible or not; because in China it is legal to own a Bible; but it was the reaction of these Chinese Christians that got to me.  These people were crying and hugging their Bibles.  It was obvious by the video that getting their own Bible was a major highlight of their lives.

Most of us think nothing about buying a Bible or receiving on as a gift,  and therein lies a problem.  We “take it for granted”, not just the fact that we can own a Bible; but all to often we take for granted what’s in the Bible.  We treat it like it’s just another book on our shelves.  We buy or receive them, but we don’t open it up and actually read it.  I am just as guilty as anyone.

We need to ask ourselves why we take God for granted.   We need to examine our faith and find out why we don’t read the Bible on a regular basis.  After all, God didn’t write the Bible for us to ignore it.

Mumbles says,

Read your Bible, and don’t be afraid to ask a Pastor or Priest any questions you may have.

God’s Peace!